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I love waking up in the morning, feeling groggy and seeing a tired little face telling me, “Mommy, I’m hungry.” Ha! Although I do love that face, I am not a morning person in any way shape or form. And I have been guilty more than once to crawl out of bed, get a banana, hand it over, turn on some cartoons and land right back on my pillow (not my proudest moments). But at that point, I’m up. At least I tricked myself into thinking I was going back to bed. Today was one of those days. You just can’t shake the feeling of a “dooms day” effect. Nothing goes right. And you’re off. Even after the coffee. Try as I may, I seem not to want to involve myself in anything remotely concerning my child, but as soon as she leaves my sight, I’m up her butt. Balancing

Oh the days of being a mommy. They’re work. HARD work sometimes! We’re balancing a phone in one hand, cooking an egg, rocking the cradle in the other, all while singing, “God Bless America!” Does that sound familiar?  But it got me thinking today, what is natural living? Its not a cult, its not a fad, its not a dollar you can throw on the counter for a stick of gum for a quick exchange. Everything we know as Americans in today’s America has been pushed down our throats. The history of the United States, the wars, consumerism, marketing, money, jobs, and food. They’re all perception. What we “dub” as the rat race falls right into this category as well for me. I have been blessed to stay home (most of the time between a few short-lived jobs since she was born) with my little one. I thank my husband for that. Although he is not Ella’s real father he blesses me like he is, loves her like she was always his. (It’s been a long road, but that’s for another story:)  What “they” want us to believe has become known as “the way we live”. And who is “they”? It’ s a choice to change.Ella

When I was younger, and my mother actually allowed me to watch television, commercials would come on for the next big TOY, the best shaving cream, the best butter you EVER tasted!!! And I was hooked. I’ll admit, when I was finally on my own and had a job, I spent A LOT of my money consuming these things. Things I never really got as a child. Like, clothes I truly wanted, and shoes that were my style. Things that started defining who I was, including food. I’ve tried all the good stuff. I’ve tried all the bad stuff. I’ve tried everything in between the stuff. But nothing truly gets me like fresh picked strawberries from the farm, or a warm watermelon from a patch down the road. Can it get any better? Not in my opinion. I used to think Amish people were truly out of their minds. No modern conveniences at all. Not a single cell phone bar, “Hello?” But now that I’m older, I don’t want to pay for gas, or cell phone bills, OR television! But I live in a city, I have no yard now after moving to California from Georgia. I’m stuck in a box in residential hell! I want green pastures. I want big blue sky. And I want lots of vegetables ( without the sunburn). I know I live in a dream world. Having such a free-spirit as I have I still crave things to do with my hands, especially to do with the earth. But one day, I’ll have my little piece of paradise where ever it may be and will work my fingers to the bone (God willing)!Napa

Being able to sustain oneself and their family seems like a large feat nowadays. The farming traditions are usually passed down from one generation to another. Have you ever seen “The Money Pit“? With Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. They buy an old estate home and one thing after another, the house falls apart and they’re stuck in the The money pit. It’s a hilarious comedy, I always laugh. Watch it. But to make my point, our families pass down cell phones nowadays. Not houses with farm land and large bank accounts to help us. We’re stuck struggling along waking up working all day, helping the boss get fatter checks, coming home to see our families for 2 hours and go to bed. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh?Lonely House

The art of farming is slowly diminishing, the art of family is diminishing. Isn’t there a better way? What happened to the 1800’s and staying together, going to local market and spending $3.00 on a meal to feed 10 people? It’s wishful thinking nowadays to spend less than $4.00 on any item especially organic. I can’t go without spending $50. Seriously. I go for Peanut butter and come out with 4 bags. I’m shaking my head and rolling my eyes as I walk out. Try as I may to stick to buying local organic foods, I struggle not to go to the larger more convenient health food stores. It’s a sin, I know, I’m addicted to trying to find the healthiest BEST deal I can. I feel like I’m on a mission and it’s FUN! I once had a watermelon plant that I did not remove from its pot. It ended up with three baby watermelons that grew and grew.. and then burst. I have no idea why, but I was shattered.  Now, I am slowly accumulating a small garden of my own… on my patio (wince). Hopefully my green thumb starts acting like itself again soon.  Uno Tomato

Changing topics a little…. We don’t have manners anymore. I’m in love with Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility,  Emma, and Far Away Home. I know they’re all love stories.. But those were the days that people truly interacted. There were no modern conveniences, the art of conversation is what truly mattered. Showing your ankles was considered indecent! Uh!! The horror!! Truly, I love it though. The mere delight in the drama that used to unfold was the highlight of ones life. I can’t imagine such a time. The men now wear pants around their ankles, the music is BOOMING from the speakers and the English language has been butchered and stabbed, and then stabbed some more.  ( I know I’m doing fabulously at it!) I want to, as an American, to get back to our roots. Get in touch with what really matters in life, the way things used to be. To me that’s ingesting food with no impertinent ingredients (useless), if it has more than 5 or six and you can’t read or pronounce the word, why buy it? Growing my own vegetables (as best I can with no bursts). Slowing down to an un-rat race pace to enjoy my family. And buying locally so I can put money back into the economy and support small business.

Now you’ve seen a little of me. A little rant can go a long way! Hopefully this gives some insight to my thoughts, and where I’m coming from. I hope you can relate just a little and if not you find it quite humorous! Haha! I am working on a breast feeding issue that I have not felt 100% about. I’ve struggled in some areas and had moments of nothing but words being pounded out on the keys. Sooner or later I will publish it. But for now, hang in there. What were some of the reasons you’re choosing to live a natural life? What does it mean to you? I’d like to hear your feedback!397662_10200248502676240_1504811754_n

Ben, Me & Ella

Until then… Keep Smiling!!