GMO Free~ Baked Chicken Nuggets

Hello all!

Let me start by saying that I love… yes love chicken nuggets and fries, I am that girl. But after all this GMO hullabaloo, and desire to eat healthier.. I had to make it good, and better!

So here’s what I do, instead of frying in oil.

Chicken Nuggets

I used two large organic chicken breasts that I already had, cut them up long ways into somewhat thin strips then cut those strips into meaty “nugget” type pieces. This was for 3 people, so if you have a larger family.. use more!


You need one beaten egg (organic) and a little milk.

And this..


I also by hand added a little kosher salt and garlic powder. Of course.. I didn’t measure. Just beat your egg and milk in one bowl, and add your panko, salt and garlic powder to another.. and you’re ready.


Take your fork and add nugget pieces to egg. I added half all at once and let them soak for a minute, then dipped them in the panko as shown above. Then added the other half of the chicken. Does that make sense? It’s like an assembly line. Half the chicken in the egg mixture, take them out one by one and dip them in the panko then onto the baking sheet. Then do the other half the same way. There.. hope that clarified things.


Put them in an individual layer on a cookie sheet.

20130623_173624Bake 30 Minutes at 350 degrees!


There you have it! They were super yummy! I (the salt addict that I am) added a little too much salt.. so like I said, add very little. The panko I believe is either salt free or SUPER low sodium.. hence why I added more.

You can make your own bread crumbs for this.. gluten free if you so desire. My thought is to take your gluten free bread and toast it in the toaster, cut it up and add to food processor along with some spices and whatever else you may want and pulse. Presto! Bread crumbs! But they also sell gluten free bread crumbs now.. Very cool. I decided to go with this. I liked them a lot. And they were in high competition with Chik fil A, a large crunch on the outside of the nugget. Ughh love that place and miss it. But I’ve said my goodbyes and hello to this!

I made sweet potato fries and petite peas along side this dish, again for that healthier alternative. I will post the fries tomorrow!

But for now…

Happy Eating!!