Celebrating the 4th and other Makings

Hello All!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a little while around here! I’ve been busy being mommy and doing a million and one things (like cleaning my kitchen 6 times in 3 days). Feels like every time I turn around there’s something else to do (or another dish in the sink)! I took on several extra projects on top of my already “project-ed” life. I get inspired and make little things like this on a whim:

Ella& Scrappy princess

Ella in her princess scrappy headband, I love this picture.

The 4th of July was a lot of fun. I told myself that I wasn’t going to start any new projects for the 4th, but I went to JoAnns and got caught up in some festive patriotic fabric that was on sale. So I did the unthinkable and bought it, went home and made a dress for Ella in record time for our Independence day (one day).



We were invited to tag along with our new neighbors to their family BBQ, and had a blast. Everyone commented on Ella’s dress and how cute she was and they were in awe that I made it. I have to admit it felt pretty good!! On top of all of that, I made an organic apple pie to take to the BBQ to share and contribute.. The hostess had provided some type of homemade apricot cobbler.. but my pie got rave reviews and disappeared within minutes. ( I have to admit, it was DE-LISH!!!) Ella, after we were all done eating and our bellies were full, sang “God Bless America” ┬áinfront of 10 adults. I was so proud!! (And it was the cutest thing EVER!)

Apple Pie

After the BBQ we went swimming for a while and I was able to chat and get to know my neighbor better. We later on got to see some fireworks which Ella OOO-ed and AHH-ed over. It truly is the simple things in life, and it made me relish every moment.

About a week ago I held a giveaway on my facebook page for a set of bamboo-silk washcloths I knitted, I really wanted my friend to win, and she did! She is pregnant with her third child (a girl) and I wanted to bless her. So, in the middle of being mommy, making a scrappy princess headband, cleaning the kitchen 6 times in 3 days, making a dress, making an ALL- organic apple pie from scratch , and attending a BBQ, I was able to put my hands to some yarn and came up with this:


A precious hat for a precious girl! ­čÖé

Oh the life of a crafter…

A baker..

A seamstress..


Though the times are relentless, and the days come without fail, I look forward to the new things, and new creations I can do for her, and others.. to bless and enrich their lives.

What are some things that you do to let out your creativity? I will be posting the tutorial on stove-top popcorn soon! Stay tuned!

But for now my friends.. Keep smiling!