Elusive WIPS

I can honestly say that I wish all my recent WIPs were already finished. I’m loathing them and bored to death!! I have so many other things I’d rather be working on. But today’s WIP has gotten the best of me.


Meet Joyeux.
Its a shawlette type piece that I am just dying to get off the needles.
This pattern is from the lovely phydeux yarns, I believe she’s an independent dyer and pattern writer- and her yarns are amazing (yet pricey). I am using stash yarn, Dream In Color w/ cashmere. Yum!!

Joyeux is meant for my Mother in Law. Her husband was suddenly caught with pancreatic cancer and may die any day. She lives and speaks French fluently, so Joyeux (meaning Joyous) felt right.

But the pattern was $8!! And I’m loathing it. So wrong.


I explained all of this to my knitting group- which lead me to actually picking it up after a month and some change.

I thought blowing past my deadline of her birthday was ok, but now- I just want it gone!!!

Do any of you have any WIPs you’re hating?



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