Goings on

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been running around without a break. Knitting till I can’t anymore, looking up patterns, trying to get ahead on so many things! They just continue to pile up. In recent past, I did finish my sock weight on sz 2’s sweater. What an undertaking!!


I messed up in a lot of places, but I’m ok with that in the long run, for my first full-size sweater, there was a lot at stake and I persevered and finished! I know now what to do. Every project that comes my way that is ambitious and requires a learning curve is something I have to take in stride. And although the frustration may be high, the reward is so much greater, and the knowledge put towards more awesome things!

I also got a job at a Local Yarn Store, which I couldn’t be happier about. I’m learning new things, taking things day by day and loving helping everyone with their existing projects and picking out new ones!


I designed the window in the shop, knit the yellow hat and made the pillowcase dress..

I also finished my first “sock” or bed slipper.


That’s my foot.

The pattern is by Church Mouse Yarns ~ Turkish Bed Slipper

Can you tell I love teal a bit too much yet?

Here’s another Loved FO that’s getting some awesome wear lately (like everyday)


This is Very Cherry by Alana Dakos. She loves it. That’s all that matters right? And I had this vague prediction that’d it would be stored away mostly and kept safe, worn on special days that don’t involve playgrounds. I was wrong. But at least she’s enjoying it, right?

Another thing I decided would be a bright idea to add to my list..


Taking that^ primed chest and turning it into:


I’m still not finished yet- but I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the lid. A REAL cedar chest, to store all my wonderful yarn in! There is no markings or stamps on this piece, so I believe it was handmade by someone with love. I have stripped and sanded, stripped and sanded some more. It’s not over yet!

I also published two patterns on Ravelry, The Blossom Cowl, and a masked beanie hat.



So. Many. Things. It’s been busy, but I’ve been loving it, and I’m so grateful for it all. I feel as though I’ve been launched into another world within the last 3-4 months. So many things to do, so many laughs to be shared with the new people that come my way, so many possibilities for growth in so many areas.

And I still have 5 WIPs. 





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